Voiceover/Voice Acting Class

Voiceover/Voice Acting Class

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Sept 14 th - Oct 19 th 2023
Jan 11 th - Feb 15 th 2024
April 11 th - May 16 th 2024
May 30 th - July 4 th 2024

7-9 pm
Loc:- Online
Cost: $230 plus tax 

Auditors welcome by appointment

Lex Dunn
Actor & Voice Talent
Commercial producer
Creative Director

Lex Dunn offers a voiceover class from a truly unique perspective. He has been an actor, presenter, public speaker, voice talent and acting teacher/coach for more than 30 years. He also was in the advertising field as a copywriter and creative director for a major multi-national ad agency. While working in the ad biz, he has written and produced hundreds of radio commercials, TV commercial voiceovers, and narration for videos.

From these two perspectives, he knows how to help you sharpen your voice skills from both sides of the mic: how to liftthe words off the page, create characters, understand branding, mic technique and, very importantly, how to work with clients and take direction. This course will give you skills and perspectives. He is also currently a talent agent so he will provide insights into audition techniques as well.

Six Classes:

1. Getting to Know Your Voice: The Basics

  • Optimum pitch: finding your neutral starting note
  • Breathing and breath control: diaphragm, not throat, not chest
  • Articulations: the lips, the teeth and the tip of the tongue
  • Resonators: chest, pharynx, head
  • Vocal and enunciation exercises
  • Basic microphone technique

2. Types of Voice Characters.
  • All voice work is about CHARACTER. Yes, commercials, too
  • The Instructor
  • The Real Person
  • The Spokesperson
  • The Narrator
  • The Announcer
  • The Actor Role
3. Commercials:
  • Get to know the Advertiser
  • Who is the company?
  • What is their Branding?
  • What is their style?
  • Understanding The Script:
  • Telling the story: beyond good line readings
  • Finding the Character
  • Lifting the words off the page
  • TV versus Radio
4. Narration
  • Documentaries
  • Audiobooks
  • Marketing/Mood videos

5. Voice Acting
  • Overdubbing
  • Character voices: animation
  • Comedy
  • Straight/drama
  • Acting in a vacuum

6. Working with clients
  • The Audition
  • Live
  • Self-Tape
  • The Home Studio
  • Working with clients
  • Taking direction
  • How to ask the right questions
  • Who is in the room with you?
  • Being professional