Self-Taping Services in Langford

Self-Taping Services in Langford

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Are you an aspiring actor looking to create professional self-tapes that stand out?

Spotlight Academy in Langford offers top-notch self-taping services to help you showcase your talent and land your next big role.

Whether you need coaching or prefer to work just with a reader, we have a range of options to suit your needs.

What's Included:

  • High-Quality Equipment: We use professional-grade cameras, lighting, and sound equipment to ensure your self-tape looks and sounds exceptional.
  • Background Options: Choose from a variety of clean, professional backgrounds to best match your audition requirements.
  • Professional Reader: Every session includes a skilled reader to perform opposite you, ensuring you have a strong scene partner to enhance your performance.
  • Editing and Upload: Each session includes basic editing and upload services, so you can submit your tape with confidence.

Session Options: All sessions include a reader. Remember the session includes the time it takes to edit the audition tape. Choose which best suits your time needed to complete your scenes, plus 5 minutes to edit. 

30-Minute Session:
With Coaching: $55
Without Coaching: $45
Ideal for shorter scenes or quick audition tapes.

45-Minute Session:
With Coaching: $70
Without Coaching: $60
Perfect for medium-length scenes or when you need a bit more time to perfect your performance.

1-Hour Session:
With Coaching: $85
Without Coaching: $75
Best for longer scenes, multiple takes, or when you want to take the time to explore different interpretations.


The Process:

Booking: Schedule your session online or by calling us. Choose your preferred session length and indicate whether you would like coaching.
Preparation: Arrive a few minutes early to get settled. Bring your script and any specific requirements for the scene.
Coaching (Optional): If you've opted for coaching, our experienced instructors will provide guidance on your performance, helping you refine your delivery and make impactful choices.
Recording: We'll set up the equipment and start recording. A professional reader will be available to read opposite you, providing a strong and engaging performance partner. You can review each take and decide which ones you want to keep.
Editing and Upload: After recording, we will edit the tape to ensure its polished and professional. We'll then upload it to your preferred platform or provide you with a digital copy.
At Spotlight Academy, we understand the importance of a high-quality self-tape in making a strong impression. Our supportive environment and expert guidance will give you the tools you need to shine.

Location: Spotlight Academy
774 Goldstream Ave #201
Langford, BC

Instructor: Marisa Vieira

Marisa Vieira is a committed professional whose love for film and television has been a part of her life since childhood. Her journey in the entertainment field began at the Screen Actors Studio of Victoria summer camps, where her passion for acting blossomed. Under the mentorship of John Emmet Tracy, and Ana De Lara. With over four years of Drama and theatre classes in school and over six years of honing her craft both on and off camera. 
Having had the opportunity to collaborate with well-known companies like Netflix, Prime Video, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Disney, and Hallmark, Marisa has not only worked on various sets but has also integrated herself into the vibrant film industry community of Vancouver Island. She appreciates the tight-knit atmosphere of the island's industry, where everyone feels like family and connections are meaningful.
Motivated by her love for acting and her dedication to giving back, Marisa is enthusiastic about joining Spotlight's new initiative – a self-tape division designed to offer local actors a supportive platform to showcase their skills comfortably. Through this project, she aims to empower actors to excel and land their desired roles.
Marisa thrives in the collaborative environment of the industry, relishing the chance to collaborate with the diverse and talented individuals within the community. To her, the ability to contribute to the industry in all forms while maintaining strong community ties is a precious gift that she values dearly. And is eagerly looking forward to all future opportunities. 

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” - Norman Vincent Peale