Modelling Consultation - Online

Modelling Consultation - Online

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$60 plus GST per hour for online sessions.
$150 plus GST per hour for in person sessions

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Available online via Zoom or in person by appointment.

Everything Modeling
Professional model - Aisling Goodman joins the Spotlight team with a wealth of experience.
Learn what it takes to get into the modeling industry, the glamour and glitz. The the rabbit holes to watch out for and what is needed to prepare and land an agent.
Consultations are available online or in person.
We ask that under 18’s are accompanied by a parent or guardian, and that in person sessions are by the choice of the instructor upon application.

Testimonial: A Model's Story
In many ways I give thanks to Spotlight for the career I have now. What once was a shy soft spoken person is now a confident woman in the fashion industry. I took lessons from Jacqui and Adrian for four years. In those four years I learned more than I'm sure they take credit for. I still remember the terrifying feeling I had when they would force us to watch our tapes back during the on-camera classes. But the things you hate the most you grow from the most.

Jacqui knew this about me and was never afraid to push my limits, she forced me to go to these places I didn't think I could. And when I did, that moment of praise she would give me as she would jump up and down screaming "YES!" felt like the most rewarding moment. I ended up turning my passion towards modeling, but I still to this day use many of the things I learned at Spotlight during my shoots and runway shows.

Thanks to that I have now travelled overseas to Japan and worked for companies such as Olympus Cameras, Alfa Romeo, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz and The Shopping Channel. And I am now represented by one of Canada's top agencies Next Models.

The things you learn at Spotlight you not only take away with you that night as you ponder your work, you take it away with you for life. Wherever it may take you.

Kyla Habazin

Instructor: Aisling Goodman
Excited to be a part of the spotlight team, Aisling brings over a decade of experience in both the fashion and film industries. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Aisling (Ash) signed with her mother agency at 14 years old and has been lucky enough to travel the world as both a print and runway model; working in countries such as China, India, Australia, Japan, Costa Rica, Greece, and throughout North America.

Aisling is privileged to have witnessed the glamorous side of the modeling industry - published on dozens of covers, in countless editorials, and with pictures in Cosmo and Vogue. But is also very familiar with the grind and passion it takes to complete back-to-back catalogue shoots and runway shows for stores like Forever21, H & M, and Puma.

A firm believer in positivity and teamwork, she is certain that with the right attitude and drive you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. As a continuing student of Spotlight Academy herself (never stop learning!) Aisling is passionate about not only being a friendly ally to new models, but also teaching them the importance of the business side of modeling. From castings, to call-backs, to catalogs, to contracts, Aisling is looking forward to guiding the new faces of fashion in this ever-growing industry.