Bart Anderson Artist to Artist Promo Package

Bart Anderson Artist to Artist Promo Package

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Spotlight Academy is excited to present Bart Anderson of VFS and UBC.
Artist to Artist Promo Package

dates: To Be Determined

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Prepare and present scene work to the acclaimed Artist to Artist promotional package. Various Casting Directors will review and evaluate your work. Coached by the Best in the Industry. Master Coach Bart Anderson

Class 1 (online )

Promoting !
In this module we will explore how to choose material that fits and begin the process of scene breakdown .

Topics include :

  • Casting myths versus reality
  • The empowered actor
  • Personalizing the material
  • Promoting with confidence
  • Business of Acting
  • Scene Analysis Techniques that work !!
  • Authenticity

Class 2 (online )

The Blueprint
Actors will have selected one or two scenes as options and will begin the process of applying scene analysis techniques .

Topics include:

  • Dynamic objectives
  • Personalizing the text
  • Scene essence
  • Listening
  • Freedom in structure

Class 3 (online)

Transcending Craft 
This is the camera prep class where actors present their scene in preparation for shooting . Off book and in full wardrobe each actor continues to explore and transcend the text applying the awareness created in class one !

Topics covered:

  • Authenticity
  • Commanding the moment
  • Opposites
  • Wardrobe colours for you
  • Not working while working
  • Exploring the elements
  • Confidence

Class 4 (live )

Shoot day

Actors will have an assigned reader and will have 45 minutes to create a series of takes for the purpose of promoting for the Artist to Artist Showcase or to promote on their Casting Workbook or Actors Access profile .

Bart will direct multiple takes exploring various techniques designed to free the actor to their best ,most dynamic choices .

You will leave with 5 - 7 options revealing you at your best most authentic self .

Bart Anderson

Bart Anderson is a Ryerson Theatre School graduate and an established acting instructor, having worked extensively in film, television, and theatre since 1985.

His film and television credits include roles in Human Cargo,Fairly Legal, Arctic Air, Godiva's, Slither, DaVinci's Inquest,Cold Squad, and Millenium. Most recently Bart was featured In Bruce Sweeneys film The Dick Knost Show which premiered at The Toronto International Film Festival and The Vancouver Film Festival.Look for Bart as a lead in the upcoming feature Hastings Street .

Bart's theatre appearances include a one-man show, At Demons With My Face, and several shows with the Shaw Theatre Festival. Bart received a Jessie Award in 1998 and was last on stage opposite Eric McCormack in the Arts Club production of GlenGarry GlenRoss.