Acting Classes for Film & TV - Take 1 - Nanaimo

Acting Classes for Film & TV - Take 1 - Nanaimo

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IN PERSON with Natalie Krill
Registration ONGOING 

Mondays 7- 9.30 pm
Loc: Spotlight Home Studio
8 weeks

April 17 th - June 12 th 2023 ( Dark Victoria Day )
Sept 18 th - Nov 13 th 2023 ( Dark Thanksgiving )
Jan 15 th - March 11 th 2024( Dark Family Day )

Cost $240 plus tax 
Drop in $40 plus tax $42
Auditors welcome by appointment.

Over 20 Hours of TUITION with homework.

Location: Spotlight Home Studio
Dates & Times
Monday’s (7 - 9:30 pm ) (The classes are 2 hours and 30 minutes)

This dynamic ongoing introduction course is aimed at the adult student who is curious about what it takes to get started as an actor.

Incorporating stage performance, but aimed at skills for film and television, this course targets the actor who is serious about learning all aspects of the craft, and wants a fast track to representation by agencies.

Learn skills to impress agents and casting directors, with a career development component loaded with the necessary tools to land these all-important bookings.

With a philosophy of developing a solid foundation, Spotlight Academy has launched the careers of working actors from all over Vancouver Island. You only have to read the Spotlight Academy Testimonial Page to see that our students find meaningful work in this highly competitive field.

You will graduate from this course with information overload ready to take on advanced studies with a solid understanding of what this demanding industry holds. It's all or nothing!

The fundamentals of acting will be covered, which can be used on stage or screen.

We include:

  • Introduction to voice and movement in specifically targeted sessions
  • Solid improvisation skills needed for commercials
  • Audition techniques
  • Scene study and character development
  • Camera angles and continuity work
  • Mentoring and guidance is given in developing each actor's tool kit.

We advise on headshots, resumes, working with agents and managers and union membership.

It's all part of the unique Spotlight Package.


Instructor: Natalie Krill

Born and raised in small town Saskatchewan, Natalie’s desire for the arts was evident from a very early age. While performing dances and plays in the family living room was Natalie’s first foray into the performing arts, it wasn’t long before she started to shine on other stages as well. After signing herself up for dance lessons at the age of 6, her path was set. Excelling in various forms of dance, she was met with opportunities that led her to Toronto and into the professional world of performing.

Since then Natalie has worked on her craft both on stage and on screen. She is a CFC Conservatory graduate and continually trains to improve herself through acting and voice lessons. Meditation and mindfulness are also important aspects of how she approaches her performances.

Her credits include both theatre and on-screen productions. She has had roles in mainstream productions like Molly’s Game, Wynonna Earp, Next Step, Suits, Saving Hope and Casino Jack. She also has a love for being involved in more independent productions like Everest, Below Her Mouth and SuperGrid. Her on-stage credits also include Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage and Crimes of the Heart.