Tiny Tots in Film- Langford

Tiny Tots in Film- Langford

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Tiny Tots Film Camp Course
Age 5-7 yrs
Weekly on Fridays with Presentation - 6 weeks
Instructor: Stephanie Bright
Oct 4 th - Nov 8 th 2024
4.30-5.30 pm
Loc: Langford Studio
Cost: $180 plus tax $189

Do you have an outgoing child, who LOVES adventures of the imagination. Who constantly creates characters, and tells stories ? Or the child who is quiet and focused, but lights up when the camera finds them.

Spotlight has a class that will build effective listening and communication skills to enhance natural talent.

Explore the world of performance for stage and screen through, lights, camera, acting !!

This 8 week course will work towards an edited performance piece to share with family and friends.

Instructor: Stephie Bright

Stephie Bright (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist who works both behind and in front of the camera. She graduated from the Canadian College of Performing Arts in 2020 and has since worked as an actor, production manager, and videographer with multiple companies local to Vancouver Island. Some of her favourite film credits include Jules and Nora (2023) and The Cameraman Chapter II (2022). She is a strong believer that acting skills are beneficial in multiple areas of a student's life, including their professional and social relationships.