Tiny Tots in Film- Langford

Tiny Tots in Film- Langford

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Tiny Tots in Film -
Age 5-7 yrs
Fridays - 6 weeks
4.30 - 5.30 pm

Oct 13 th - Nov 17 th 2023
Jan 19 th - Feb 23 rd 2024
Apr 5 th - May 10 th 2024
Oct 9 th - Dec 13 th 2024

Cost $160 plus tax

Do you have an outgoing child, who LOVES adventures of the imagination. Who constantly creates characters, and tells stories ? Or the child who is quiet and focused, but lights up when the camera finds them.

Spotlight has a class that will build effective listening and communication skills to enhance natural talent.

Explore the world of performance for stage and screen through, lights, camera, acting !!

This 8 week course will work towards an edited performance piece to share with family and friends.