The Next Step Agent ! Audition ! Action !

The Next Step Agent ! Audition ! Action !

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The Next Step
Agent ! Audition ! Action !
With Jacqui Kaese + Guests
Ages 16 +

Tues Oct 17 - Nov 28 th ( Dark Halloween ) ( SOLD OUT )
Jan 30 th - March 5 th 2024
April 9 th - May 14 th 2024
7-9 pm - Online
Cost $240 plus tax $252

Join Leo Award winning Casting Director & Veteran Acting Coach Jacqui Kaese on this deep dive into - The Authentic Audition. Most people start with Commercials and 1-6 line Actor Roles. A working Actor eventually moves into Principal and large Principal roles. In this course you will analyze how to bring these characters to life. Text and sub text analysis bringing moment to moment reality to performance.

Connection is key !

Not many can say that they have worked with students opposite A Listers. Jacqui can !

Foundational level training or some industry experience is recommend to join this course.

Please connect with Jacqui personally about suitability for this course if you are unsure. (Please click on the chat button at the bottom of the screen)