Kids in Comedy (Film)

Kids in Comedy (Film)

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Can’t stop won’t stop bringing characters to life? Love acting on film and itching to learn more about physical comedy, improvisation and reacting naturally in hilarious situations? This class is perfect for you!

Kids in Comedy (Film) Weekend Edition
Ages 7- 11 years
Saturdays - ( 6 weeks )
10 - 11.30 am

location: Langford

Feb 11 - April 1  ( Dark Spring Break )
April 15 - May 27 ( Dark May 20)

Cost $200 plus tax - $210

Let your imagination run wild and create meaningful characters and acting foundation through play and self-discovery! Gain experience connecting with the camera, fun comedic scenes with other young actors and brush up on your wit, comedic timing and follow your creative impulses. See you in class!

Instructor: Frances Takach is a graduate of University of Alberta’s Bachelor of Arts in theatre and drama, a performer, actor, model, clown, musician and entrepreneur whose love of truth and communication is seen through physical movement, music and comedy.

Her zest for physical performance and storytelling has brought multiple roles in film and theatre, such as “The Dream” (Athlete) and “Disc Jockey” (Scarlett) in film and plays like “Mrs.Packard”, “A Behanding in Spokane”, “West Side Story”, “Escape From Happiness” and “Criminal Hearts”, and is a published runway and fashion model. She is a connoisseur of displaying confidence on film and loves sharing her secret to access comedy, drama, and self-confidence as an actor: seeking truth.