Advanced Adults with Bart Anderson

Advanced Adults with Bart Anderson

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This workshop offers continuing studies in the craft for the advanced actor. The course is aimed at the actor who is already working or ready to audition for agents.

Bart Anderson explores connections at a deep level, freeing the actor to create from intuition and make dynamic and authentic choices. Students will undertake intensive scene study which is crucial in understanding the multiple layers of creative writing.

  • Preparation for principal/day player roles. Knowing and playing a type, archetype or job description. e.g. cop, teacher, doctor, addict, victim, love interest, etc.
  • Preparation for lead roles and guest starring roles. Nailing a high stakes scene, making dynamic choices and owning the room.
  • Advanced scene study: a deeper understanding of text. You will work with a scene study partner. Bart's extensive knowledge helps you find more creative ways to analyze scripts.
  • Short scenes: two 30 second scenes playing type archetype or job description.
  • Sit Com Pilot. In preparation for pilot season, Bart gives you a competitive edge understanding timing and execution in situation comedy.

Students will study advanced audition technique which is necessary to properly nail auditions.

Registration is for Advanced Actors and by invitation only. (Pre Approved by Resume or IMDB Profile)

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Take 2 Classes
Age 16 yrs +
Oct 10 th - Nov 21 st
6-9 pm
Loc: Lois Lane Studio
Cost: $300 plus tax $315.00