Margie Haber - ACTORS CREATE Find your power

Margie Haber - ACTORS CREATE  Find your power

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JUNE 25, 2017 2-6pm 
Cottonwood Golf Course 
1975, Haslam Road 

Cost $175 CDN plus GST 

"Margie completely changed the way I feel about acting and auditioning. A transformative experience" 

With over 40 years of experience, Margie Haber is known as Hollywood’s top audition coach. While this is how she began her career, Margie’s philosophy empowers actors to create strong ‘characters’ for both auditions and booked roles in TV, film and stage, as well as finding their own power in their lives.
Margie has always given her all to her students. It was while teaching at the Lee Strasberg Institute in the 1970’s that she noticed actors were confident at scene study but struggling with the audition process. Using her past experience as a speech therapist combined with her acting experience Margie developed the internationally recognized Haber Phrasing™ and a 10-step instinctual approach to cold reading and auditions.
The Margie Haber Studio opened in 1986 and just a few years later, two of Margie’s clients, Brad Pitt and Michael Easton, wound up testing for the same role in the film “Thelma & Louise”. That was Pitt’s career breakthrough role, and she’s helped thousands of other actors do the same ever since.