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High self esteem is about developing your inner self to create a vibrant, interesting outer self.

In today's society, young women sometimes struggle with self worth, self acceptance and body image problems. Lacking in self confidence can often lead to poor communication skills, anti social behaviour and depression.

‘Uniquely Me’ is a workshop series designed to encourage positive growth for individuals willing to explore and maximize personal development.

Private or group sessions are by registered pre paid appointments and open to all ages.

Cost per session: $100 plus tax.


Uniquely Me is essentially giving me back my daughter, who, through no fault of her own, had fallen into the trap that so many other teenage girls do when they enter high school and suddenly feel inadequate. Jacqui Kaese is amazing at bringing out the best in people and helping them realize their own potential. This is what she is doing for my daughter. She is blossoming again and feeling comfortable in her own skin and for this I am genuinely grateful.

Michelle Williams

Shy, sensitive kids are often overlooked in our culture and become invisible. So-called shy people are usually extraordinary. They often spend their time deeply observing the world around them and are very picky and cautious about who they want to spend time with.

Kids like this need opportunities to connect in a safe environment so that they can gain confidence to figure out how to navigate the world and how to do "the walk of life." There are not many places where they feel safe and heard. There are few opportunities to help these kids feel included. Inclusion is so huge. Feeling apart of a group or an organization is vital.

With the enormous chaos of emotions that puberty and teen years bring, kids need an outlet to learn about their emotions and to hear other people's stories and to tell their own stories. You have a gift of being able to connect with kids on a deep level quickly. They seem to love you and that is so wonderful as many kids aren't connecting with teachers at school or with family members. Every child needs one person in their life who is crazy about them. Maya is learning form her experience with you. Her experience at your group has led to some very deep conversations at home with her about values, who she wants to be and what types of people she feels most comfortable with.

We definitely need more of the type of work that you are doing with kids. Your group is covering issues that are glossed over in the school system. It seems crazy that as a culture we don't make more of a connection with the fact that a person's quality of life as an adult is dependent upon having lots of highly skilled guidance in the formative years.

I know that I am always trying to find ways to help Maya gain confidence, discover more clearly who she is, what her strengths are and to help her clarify the direction she wants to take in life. Her experiences with you have had significant impact on her personal growth and I hope she can keep participating in your programs.

Lauren Young

The only failure ‘is not to try’.
Bullied as a child, I learned to fly.

Let me teach you how.
Jacqui Kaese

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