Adults in Film - Introduction to Method Acting

Adults in Film - Introduction to Method Acting

Adults in Film - Introduction to Method Acting With Lex Dunn 


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Sept 16 th - Dec 9 th 2021 
7-9 pm
Loc:- Online
6 x Consecutive Classes
Cost:- $180 plus tax $189
10 x Classes with 2 flexi passes to be used within 12 scheduled sessions.
Cost: $275 plus tax $288.75
Single Drop in Class $60 plus tax $63
Auditors welcome by appointment


Method Acting: Just method, no madness.
This ongoing course will concentrate on the fundamentals of Method Acting, Using techniques developed by Konstantin Stanislavsky, Lee Strasbourg, Stella Adler, Uta Hagen and others. It will also look at hybrids and offshoots of the method such as that developed by Sanford Meisner.
The Method is a powerful tool that was designed to bring realism to acting. It marked a shift from a very “presentational” style of acting to an authentic style. But some of the older techniques can also be valuable and many of today’s best actors use a combination of “schools” to develop deeper characters. This class will examine how to create true characters that resonate with audiences and industry professionals.
Be prepared to work, and to have fun. In preparation for this class, please read An Actor Prepares by Stanislavsky. Although some things have changed, it is still a good primer on Method. Uta Hagen’s Respect for Acting is also excellent. (These books should be on every actor’s bookshelf.)