Actors Career Development Program

Four of Jacqui's most successful students: Cameron Bright, The Twilight Saga, Sarah Grey, The Wrong Girl, Hannah Jane Zirke, When Calls The Heart and Nolan Hupp at The Leo Awards.

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Location:- Hub City Cinema Society.
October 18 th - Nov 8 th 2017
Time:- 7-9 pm
Cost:- $240 plus tax

Ages 15 years and over

This is a 4 week goal setting, skill crafting, tool building, game changing course with career development guru Jacqui Kaese. 

Analyzing the business of being a Profesional actor and managing your career.  

Taking it to the next level, if you are already studying the craft of acting or who feels that they are ready to audition but doesn't know how to get started. 

Designed for the actor who is now ready to promote themselves in a competitive market. 

Develop your look and maximize potential. Understand headshots and compare industry standards. 

Develop, or rewrite a resume that will stand out. 

Plan a sizzle real for commercial use or promo real to showcase yourself. 

Research and network using online resources to find job opportunity and promote to agents.

Understand how good agents operate and find out the WHO's WHO for representation.

Test your audition skills and be given direct and honest feedback for the class to learn required standards. 

This course is open to ages 15 and over and to parents of kids who wish to get into film, tv, or Commercials.